STARTSMART – Workplace Warm up and Stretching Program

Core HS has released its updated nationally accredited StartSmart Induction training course which will focus on reaching the needs of the mining and resource industry.  With the focus on injury prevention and minimisation StartSmart is a carefully designed workplace warm-up and stretching program.

Our StartSmart course is designed specifically to assist with reducing injuries through improved musculoskeletal health. Our educational and interactive course encourages team cohesion as well as helping to facilitate a healthy workplace culture.

This StartSmart program runs for around 4 hrs and is available in Nationally Accredited (SISXCAI003) and Non-Nationally Accredited format. 

Employers with a sustainable stretch program show they are prioritising the reduction of sprain and strain injuries. Set your project up for success and include StartSmart as a part of your induction process.

Benefits can include:

  • Improved range of motion (ROM)
  • Reduce the risk of Musculoskeletal injuries through fatigue
  • Improving muscular balance and posture
  • Reduced Muscular tension
  • Reduce downtime through a reduction in Loss Time Injuries
  • Creat an enjoyable team building activity

The session will be 4 hours in duration and focus on the following topics:

  • Anatomy – Skeletal System & Muscles
  • Synovial Joints
  • Warm-up – Exercises & Info
  • Muscles – Info
  • Stretching – Exercises & Info
  • Nervous Control
  • Respiratory – Info
  • Circulatory – Info
  • Contraindiction
  • Leadership & Implementation

Perth based sessions are regularly available as well as site based for personnel who have already mobilised.  Group and individual bookings welcomed.

For more information on the StartSmart Induction, and how you can roll this out for your construction or operation personnel, please contact Core HS on 08 9221 2800 or email

For more information on the other SMART short courses we offer such as SPINE SMART, PLAY IT SMART, HEALTH SMART and FATIGUE SMART please visit our Prevent – Services page by clicking here prevent

Additional Information:  Due to this course being nationally accredited all attendees must have a USI (Unique Student Identifier) prior to issue of Certificate.   This course involves some physical elements and therefore you will need to have a good level of mobility and fitness.  Please ensure that you let us know prior to attending if you have any mobility issues.