Industrial Emergency Response

Core HS understands the importance of being able to respond efficiently and effectively during an incident. Our team of Security, Medical, Emergency Response and Safety professionals are dedicated to ensuring that your incident response needs are exceeded.

People Support

Security Officers

Our Security officers have remote mine site experience with a variety of different skill sets including AOD, Mental Health First Aid and Snake Handling certifications.

Emergency Response Officers

With surface and underground mining capabilities, our ESO’s have years of experience on multiple resource operations ensuring best practises at all times.


Core HS Paramedics are registered under AHPRA and hold supporting certifications such as AOD tester, ALS and basic rescue skills to support remote sites and their ERT.

Registered Nurses

Our registered Nurses are specialists in the operation of remote area clinics and focus on the overall Health & Wellbeing of FIFO employees.

Return to Work Coordinators

Our return to work coordinators are the key person in a workplace that assists injured workers to remain at or return to work as soon as safely possible after injury.

Safety Advisors

At Core HS we have extensive experience in the provision of field Safety Advisors through to high level corporate risk manager/consultant Advisors.


All our doctors have experience working in remote area environments on heavy resource projects both on and offshore. Skilled medical officers with a high degree of emergency medicine.

ER Support

Fire Appliance Hire

We have access to several fire appliance’s from Fast Attacks up to Medium Tenders. All vehicles are fitted to mine specification and are mobilised complete and ready to respond.

Rescue Trailer Hire

Our Rescue Trailers enable easy access to your equipment during a training session or when required to respond to an incident.

Pre-Incident Plans/Database

To complement any site emergency management plan we can provide consultants able to draft any site emergency procedures and plan to ensure the most effective response capability.

Confined Space Plans/Database

Core HS can develop a comprehensive confined space plans and database to meet the needs of any project with confined space hazards.

Risk Assessments

From Job Specific High Risk work through to a full site risk assessment we have a number of subject matter experts able to facilitate any risk assessment.

Medical Support

Ambulance Hire

At Core HS we have access to a number of modern ambulances suitable for all terrain. These vehicles are fitted out to mine specification and come fully stocked with medical equipment.


Core HS provides a 24/7 Emergency on call Doctor service to our remote clients throughout Australia.

Clinical Practice Guidelines

Maintained by our company doctor our CPG’s reflect the latest medical practises. Always taking into account the individual site risk profile to ensure the highest level of medical care.

Poisons Permit

Core HS provide Poison Permits to remote area medical clinics ensuring full compliance with Health Department Regulations and practises.

Medical Centre Fit out/Audit

As well as auditing our own medical centres, we provide external 3rd party audits to ensure compliance against health department regulations and client specific CPG’s

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