Workplace Health & Wellbeing

At Core HS we believe that prevention resides over cure and have developed several Health & Wellbeing programs to ensure your staff receive the latest information that empowers positive outcomes in the workplace and at home.

Warm up for Work

Our StartSmart Seminar in an intensive program designed specifically to assist with reducing injuries through improved musculoskeletal health. Our educational and interactive course encourages team cohesion as well as helping to facilitate a healthy workplace culture.

This Start Smart program runs for around 4 hrs and is available in Nationally Accredited (SISXCAI003) and Non-Nationally Accredited format. 

Fatigue Management

Our Fatigue Smart Seminar is an interactive and educational seminar designed to provide participants with the knowledge and skills to identify, avoid and manage their own fatigue in the workplace.

This Fatigue Smart Seminar runs for around 2.5hrs and is available in Nationally Accredited (TLIF2010) and Non-Nationally Accredited format.

Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention

Our Spine Smart Seminar focuses on back care and manual handling risk assessment. Through participative education and application of proven injury prevention principles your workforce will be empowered to better manage their musculoskeletal health.

This Spine Smart Course runs for around 3hrs and is available in Nationally Accredited (HLTWHS005) and Non-Nationally Accredited format.

Health and Wellbeing

Our Health Smart Screens are designed to assist employees gain an understanding of their overall health.  These Health screens may include, but are not limited to,  blood glucose monitoring, blood pressure checks, cholesterol level and musculoskeletal assessments.

Our Health Smart Screens will run for between 20 – 45 minutes per person depending on the types of assessments required.

Mental Health First Aid

Our Mental Health First Aid training course teaches you how to assist an adult who may be experiencing a mental health problem or mental health crisis until appropriate professional help is received or the crisis resolves, using a practical, evidence-based action plan.

This Mental Health First Aid course runs for around 12 hours over 2 days and is Non-Nationally Accredited.

Drug & Alcohol Awareness

Our Play’it Smart Seminar is our Drug & Alcohol awareness program which is designed to give participants the knowledge and power to make informed decisions regarding their choices around drugs and alcohol.

This Play it Smart Seminar runs for around 2.5 hrs and is Non-Nationally Accredited.

Functional Capacity Assessments

Our Pre-Employment Functional Capacity Assessments (PEFA’s) provide a comprehensive report on the functional strength and cardiovascular fitness of prospective employees to ensure they are suitable to work in their potential job role.

The ability of prospective employees to meet the physical demands and requirements of a job is essential to ensuring health and wellness within an organisation

Used in conjunction with a pre-employment medical assessment, PEFA’s can be used to effectively assist in fitting employees into their job.

Job Task Analysis

Our Job Task Analysis (JTA’s) are carried out according to the scope of the project and are determined by the client. These JTA’s may be included in work packs, and are to be reviewed by supervisors & HSE Managers to ensure accountability. JTA’s can also be attached to the Job Hazard Analysis.

JTA’s will include job function classifications to assist with return to work assessments, pre-employment medical checks, functional capacity assessments and doctor / other health professional recommendations.

Onsite Physiotherapy

Our Onsite Physiotherapists help organisations prevent or manage injury proactively in the workplace through tailored on-site physiotherapy programs. Our physiotherapists help to reduce workplace injuries and claims, improve recovery time frames, reduce the risk of re-injury and educate and empower employees to take care of their wellbeing.

Core HS can undertake these services at your workplace or site.  Alternatively we can use our in-house training facilities which include the ability to host between 12 – 45 people.  Contact Core HS today to discuss customised Health & Wellbeing packages to suit your site.

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