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We provide personnel to manage site security, health, safety and emergencies. Get connected to qualified remote healthcare workers, highly trained emergency responders, customer service driven security staff and HSE professionals.

Core HS onboards, mobilises, and manages individuals and entire teams to remote worksites throughout Australia, providing you with access to highly-trained and skilled staff when you need them.


Security Officers

Core HS Security Officers are responsible for site access, foot patrols, perimeter patrols, wet/dry mess monitoring and reporting.

Medical Emergency Services Officers

Medical Emergency Services Officers ensure their workplace is in a state of emergency preparedness and are capable of responding to incidents and emergencies.

Registered Paramedics

Registered Paramedics provide emergency medical services to injured or ill workers within the remote working environment and surrounding areas.

Registered Nurses

Our registered Nurses are specialists in the operation of remote area clinics and focus on the overall Health & Wellbeing of the FIFO workforce.

Safety Advisors

Health & Safety Advisors ensure that an organisation’s people comply with health & safety laws and regulations to protect people within the workplace.

What our clients & staff say

At IGO Forrestania Nickel Operations we have been employing the services of Core HS for several years.

Whether it is coverage in Emergency Response, Medical, Safety or Security, the standard of personnel has always been the highest.

The team at Core HS are always adaptable and are happy to fill positions to our specific needs.

  • Client

I have worked for Core HS for a year or so now and can, hand on heart say their professionalism and commitment both to clients and their employees is of the utmost priority.

I have always had the support of the management team and have always felt part of the team. Sincerely a great company to be part of.

  • Team Member

Core HS have provided extensive and consistent support for our site for years. Their dedicated commitment to meeting our needs is immeasurable and one to be reckoned with.

The staff at Core HS are proactive in reaching out and providing assistance when it is needed, sometimes desperately and often at the last minute. They are patient and very accepting of feedback and the skilled workforce they produce is one to admire.

We very much appreciate the high level of service they provide for us and I personally look forward to continuing to maintain and build our relationship with Core HS in the future.

  • Client

I’ve engaged Core HS to provide training and labour support on multiple major projects in WA and I’m thoroughly impressed with their service delivery. The training sessions have been comprehensive, engaging, and tailored to our specific needs. The trainers exhibited a deep understanding of the subject matter, ensuring our team acquired valuable skills. The labour support provided to date has been efficient and seamless, showcasing their commitment to high standards and understanding of the scope of services required. Core HS exceeded my expectations, and I highly recommend them for their top-notch services.

  • Client


What we’re the BEST ASPECTS of the training?

  1. Promotion of a healthier lifestyle.
  2. Warm up’s & Stretching – Explained well!
  3. Trainer was clear and course was interactive.
  4. Good mix of theory and practice.
  5. Gained a better understanding of muscles.
  6. Understanding how important synovial fluid is.
  • Move Ready


What we’re the BEST ASPECTS of the training?

  1. Excellent trainer and group interaction.
  2. Learning about manual task risk assessment.
  3. Positive and informative.
  4. Good banter – got everyone involved and comfortable.
  5. Interactive course with lots of demonstrations.
  6. Learning about the anatomy.
  • Spine Ready


What are the BEST ASPECTS of the training?

  1. Awesome instructor.
  2. Energetic and knowledgeable.
  3. Engaging for the whole group.
  4. Interesting subject and course material.
  5. Highly engaging and motivating session.
  6. Excellent presentation/group interaction.
  • Work Ready

Working for Core HS has been one of the most exhilarating and rewarding experiences in my medical career. The team enable me to work in diverse and sometimes challenging environments where I am able to see unique places across WA and put my skills to great use whilst feeling supported every step of the way. Core HS go above & beyond to make me feel comfortable with every opportunity they give me. I highly recommend working with this team.

  • Team Member

I’ve been working for Core HS since 2020 and in that time, I’ve met and worked with some amazing people. The teams on site and back in Perth are always helpful and support their staff. I’m thankful to be part of the Core HS family.

  • Team Member

Working for Core HS since 2019, I’ve always felt secure in the knowledge that Core HS have my back.  The staff are always polite, approachable and instill a true family feeling right from your initial engagement and throughout your career and maintain a true open-door policy with their approach to communication and in-depth understanding of “site life”. If you are looking for a family to progress your career in Emergency Services, then look no further than Core HS.

  • Employee
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